Los Pinchis Dogos Perches Sonora in Grove Oregon


The authentic flavor of Sonoran dogos, with the special touch of Los Pinchis

From Sonora to your table, the traditional Dogo. Enjoy a beef franks hot dog, with the unique style of Los Pinchis.

Simple dogo

(Franks wrapped with bacon, tomato, onion and mayonnaise)

Doble dogo

(Simple with double franks)

Dogo jumbo

(Franks wrapped with bacon and cheese)


(Franks wrapped in bacon and cheese, accompanied by anaheim)


(Franks wrapped in bacon and cheese, rolled in a flour tortilla, plus cream cheese)


(Bacon wrapped franks over french fries topped with mustard, tomatoes, onion and ketchup))

El pinchi chile

(Chili stuffed with cheese and ham, and wrapped in bacon)

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