How were the perches born?

A sobaquera tortilla, asada meat, avocado, mozarella cheese, tomato, onion and more… Can you imagine it? Well, that’s how the famous perches or burro percherón were born, a food that has already become traditional in the gastronomy of the state of Sonora. Have you tasted it? Here we will tell you a little about the history of this delicious dish.

Consumed mainly in the cities of Hermosillo, Guaymas and Empalme. Its origin is relatively new and derives from the traditional burritos. However, the novelty lies in the use of the so-called sobaqueras tortillas, a wheat flour tortilla of around 60 centimeters in diameter and which is native to the Sierra de Sonora.

In addition, it is accompanied by asada meat, which is considered one of the best in the country. Currently, this dish is sold in restaurants and mobile establishments in Sonora, mainly at night. In addition to the fact that several Mexicans in the United States have taken it there to sell it and that the countrymen do not miss the authentic flavor of Sonoran food.

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