What are the main characteristics of Sonoran food?

Located in the northwestern part of Mexico, Sonora is one of the states with a varied gastronomy. In each of its regions, you can enjoy everything from roast meat, seafood, flour tortillas, jerky … Even the unique coyotas, a dessert made from wheat flour, butter and brown sugar.

According to the book Sonoran Cuisine, published by the state government, the gastronomy of this part of the country is based on ingredients originating in northwestern Mexico: wheat, corn, beans, beef, zucchini, chili green or red, and chiltepín. Over the years it has been nourished by other elements brought by residents of neighboring entities and the United States.

Sonoran food does not seek bombast, it considers the use of products, condiments and simple methods of preparation, which speed up the creation of dishes. This homely characteristic endows its gastronomy with generating an indisputable atmosphere for conversations between family and friends. So, the next time you enjoy the delicacies of Sonora, remember all the culinary heritage behind it.

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