Mick Ramsey If you haven’t been there go!!!! Great flavors, the meat, salsa, peppers all great. The owners are very nice too!

matt mccallister Handmade tortillas really set these tacos apart. All the meats are delicious so I usually get one of each with some salsa verde. Truly some of the best tacos I’ve ever had. The caramelos are kinda like mini meat filled quesadillas and are outstanding you should definitely try one. They have lots of other stuff too and I’m sure it’s very good but if you want tacos (and caramelos) you have to check this place out!

Estefany Reyes luna The best asada tacos you will find. Their horchata and Jamaica water is amazing. All of their food is beyond delicious. But you can’t find the asada tacos that they make anywhere else like they do.

Irene Armenta Muy ricas su comida con todo el estilo sonorense, los dueños súper amables y atentos les recomiendo 100 este lugar. Great place to eat, the owners super friendly. Best dogos in all oregon.